"Warbly indie rockers Le Grotto have us jiving on their new jam “Sad Story.” The Olympia, WA act specializes in chiming and swirling guitar parts paired with equally warbly vocals. The result is something we can all enjoy, an upbeat and endearing 90s-sounding jam reminiscent of Pavement, Slowdive, or The Vaselines."

"Le Grotto has been hailed as the best band in Olympia... and it's no wonder why. The Olympia trio has been garnering a large following, bringing out other area bands who have made themselves into area favorites."

"The Doors perfected the psychedelic garage-rock sound that felt like an acid trip. The Growlers turned it into a high. Newcomers Le Grotto are blending the two on their new single, “HWY 160“, which feels like a mind-warp.


Actually, if “HWY 160” was written two decades earlier, it could have been the theme song for the film Fear and Loathsome in Las Vegas. The song brings to mind a long drive in the desert and the hallucinating effects the heat and other substances can create. Yet there is also an introspective loneliness in the song, particularly as it temporarily spirals into chaos before easing into a swath of psychedelic reverb. What a ride this song is. Hunter S. Thompson likely would have approved."


"Olympia, WA – Le Grotto shares their newest track “Omaha”. This surf rock track is heavy and upbeat enough to get your weekend started. Just under 2.5 minutes, “Omaha” is a quick track with the right pacing on its build to keep you hooked on the track."

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